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Information that counts

Because financial and fiscal accounting is not just a matter of adding and subtracting, our accounting and advisory services are provided from an integral perspective that not only detects gaps, errors or omissions for or against, but also identifies the causes that produce them and the impact that these can have on the solidity and sustainability of the company.

Financial accounting services

Analysis and recommendations on the economic-financial situation of the company and on the profit obtained by it.

Tax accounting

Preparation of the financial statements of the company based on compliance with its tax obligations.

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The future definitely counts

The company always lives in an economic, political, social and ecological context that conditions it, at the same time that its effort to obtain results impacts and transforms it. The healthy development of the company assumes responsibility for the consequences that its activity entails on all levels, both in the present and in the future.

Integral business consultancy

Effective solutions to the state that keeps the organization and its development potential.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Design and implementation of new competitive business practices that promote sustainability and social responsibility.

Advice and implementation of quality management system

Design, development and implementation of quality management systems according to international standards based on quality standards, environment and Oshas.

Advice and consultancy in human capital

Diagnosis and proposal for the redesign of the personnel structure and the management model of the company's human capital.

Government sector

Municipal financial accounting; Resource Management model and audit of public income and expenditure.

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Clear accounts

Accountability is a mandatory practice of life in society and the sustainability of companies in the medium and long term. Giving clear accounts implies forecasting in the financial year of the company, in-depth analysis of income-expenditure-utility, and objectivity and transparency in the opinions.

Fiscal financial audit

This service provides the financial-fiscal strategic information that culminates in the opinion that supports the sustainable decisions of the company.

Tax consulting and advice

Strengthening the financial future of the company and efficient compliance with tax requirements through the respective opinion.